Mr Gani .A. Ogundahunsi (B.Sc,M.Sc,M.ED,MNIFST,MNNS)

Mr Atiku Sule (B.Sc,MPA,AMNIM,AIPMN)
Registrar RUGIPO

Olu Bramoh H.M.
Dean Student Affairs

Oloye O. M
Director, Student Affairs Office

Ogunmola A.O
Student Affairs Officer (SAO)

Sasere L.O.
Councellor, Student Affairs Office


On behalf of the Rector and the Directorate of Students Affairs, I warmly welcome you to the portal/website of Directorate of Student Affairs in Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo which has been strategically,deliberately and carefully created to serve the students of the Polytechnic better in line with what is vogue in every other tertiary Institutions in the world .Read more


  • PRE-NYSC Mobilization Form
  • PRE-NYSC Mobilization form (Old Student)
  • Campus Vendors Registration
  • CEC Fee/PTSA Payment fee/Level Supervisor fee (All Part Time)
  • Student Union Fee/Faculty Fee/Department fee(Full Time)
  • Graduate Clearance Form Payment
  • Hostel Due
  • PRE-NYSC Student Profile Update

    National Youth Service Corps is one of the national programme anchored by the Directorate of Student Affairs in Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo.

    For smooth mobilization the Directorate carries out the following yearly:-

    • Pre-Registration for mobilization exercise
    • Orientation of HND II students for mobilisation exercise.
    • Checking of related information on NYSC posting and others
    • Information of information on portal

    Therefore, register online:-Update Your Profile Now!!!!!!

    Campus Vendor Registration

    The Polytechnic is a large community which requires the services of various categories of people namely petty traders, photocopy, providers, stationary sellers, Online vendors, food vendors etc.

        On this note, the Directorate of student Affairs ha accredited some people to provide aforementioned essential services to the students on campus. To qualify for this role,every interested member is enjoined to register with the Directorate online.

    Registeration of Vendors Profile!!!!!!


    One of the major essentail provisions made by the polytechnic for easy life for the students is accommodation. As the polytechnic is growing so its has to been extending ite tentacle to accommodate more students on campus.

    Today there are three major hostels located in strategic places in the polutechnic, these are:-

    • Old Students Hostels (Male and Female)
    • NISSI Hostels (Female)
    • New Millenium Hostels (Male and Female)

    Students need not to lobby for accommodation.Pay and register online and your accommodation will easily be allocated to you without sweat

    Choose Your Accommodation


            Life is dynamic and there is a need for every living soul on the surface of the earth to change with time. In the 21st century, having considered the intricacies of making payment in respect of student union dues,the Directorste of students Affairs took into consideration the need for accountability, prudency and blocking the condict pipe in generating the union funds and decided that every payment should be online.

          Consequently, the students can henceforth pay and also request for the union leaders  to give accounts of their stewardship accordingly.

    Pay Student Union Fee


       Part Time students Association is the umbrella body to the part time students in Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo.

       Payment of the association due is voluntarily compulsory for all the part time Students. For the purpose of accountability, the payment due is now e-Payment

    Pay PTSA Fee

    Student Affairs Clearance Payment For Hostel Maintenance
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    The Directorate works to provide services for the student's development potside the classroom of the polytechnic. It also provides necessary support in driving our students building social, political and religious status in addition to the acquired education in the classrrom


    The Directorate is out to prepare the Polytechnic students to become productive, competitive and morally outstanding and successfully transition from the academy to the outside larger society, labour market and the entire world Read more .